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The Training Tree, Inc.


Developing Our Most Important Resource:Our Human Resource



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The Training Tree, Inc. is an organization dedicated to affordable Human Resources consulting and training in the public sector.  We specialize in all aspects of employee and supervisory training, personnel administration, labor relations, collective bargaining, team building, strategic planning, and organizational development. Our clients represent all forms and subdivisions of governmental agencies. We are located in the Tampa Bay area of Florida and service clients within the southeastern part of the United States. Core activities are concentrated in the State of Florida servicing cities, counties, utility authorities, airports, port authorities, police, fire and sheriff departments.

We often hear the phrase in our business endeavors use the KISS principle and The Training Tree embraces this in everything we do. In terms of the KISS principle, the more complexity we add to anything, be it in purchasing electronics, setting up our policies and procedures, or running our departments the greater the likelihood that something will go wrong or something will be misunderstood.  Our organizations, systems and services are all becoming more complex, yet they depend on our employees to make them effective.  In all of our services we focus on employing the KISS principle in how we develop systems, products and how we train your employees. We don't just say use the KISS principle-we show you how! This is why our systems and training are effective.


We believe in building the competencies necessary for your organization to be a "Service Survivor" in today's public sector. Whether it is in presenting a seminar, developing an appraisal system or conducting a council retreat every product  is custom designed and developed for each individual client by The Training Tree's President, Steve Rosenthal. Our seminar and project descriptions give a broad overview of each service. Ultimately our clients decide what they need to accomplish and we provide the vehicle to get there. We have hundreds of clients and have been providing consulting and training services for over twenty years. Check our website and you will see our list of present seminars and Human Resources services. Whether it is developing job descriptions, restructuring a department, negotiating a labor contract, recruiting personnel, writing a policy handbook, or running your next strategic planning session consider The Training Tree for your Human Resources needs. We provide on-site services and provide program and system development on a contract basis. If you need an HR project done but don't have the staff or time to do it simply give us a call.

Steve Rosenthal

President of the Training Tree 


Steve has been a Human Resources Director in both private and public organizations since the 1980's.  He has been a contract negotiator for over forty years representing both unions and management in his career.  A former teacher and accomplished trainer he is the author of numerous articles, books, and publications on labor relations and human resources topics. Steve is a frequent speaker at national and state conferences and is known for his fast paced and humorous presentations.  He is always a crowd pleaser and can make people feel comfortable with any topic.  His stories and examples, from his vast experience, bring life to his presentations.  He is one of the founders of the Pinellas Training Consortium and has served as President of both the Florida Public Employer Labor Relations Association (FPELRA) and the Florida Public Human Resources Association (FPHRA).  Both organizations have recognized his service to his profession and their organizations by bestowing the award of Lifetime Membership.  Steve still does certification training for both organizations every year.  Because of his diverse experience Steve also does specialized training for Fire, Police, Sheriffs, and Code Enforcement personnel on a variety of topics. 


A primary mover for training and professional development Steve has presented seminars on personnel, human resources, employee relations and collective bargaining for dozens of state and national organizations.  Steve is not the casual presenter.  He has literally trained thousands of professionals and public officials.  His entertaining style and humor make Steve's presentations an occurrence that few will miss. His seminars are always interesting and his stories are entertaining.  His approach is one of "entertrainment"!  If you have attended one of Steve's training classes you will not easily forget him. Even though Steve left the public sector in 1993 to continue as a Human Resources Director at the corporate level he kept his involvement with the many organizations he was involved with through seminars and publications.   Advice, mentoring or whatever you wish to call it Steve has for years conferred with labor relations and personnel professionals.  In 1995 Steve returned to doing what he enjoys the best-training and sharing information.  He formed The Training Tree, Inc. dedicated to providing affordable HR consulting and training to public sector clients. 

In the area of Human Resources Steve has received awards for excellence in both personnel and labor relations. He has written numerous articles and books in both of these fields. In his consulting capacity Steve re-enters the workforce periodically to take over day to day operations of a Human Resources department, on a contract basis, so he can stay current.

From time to time there are projects, and even training, that require more than one presenter or consultant. Steve has a team of professionals that are consultants in specific areas to call on for these specific projects. He literally has worked with dozens of attorneys, former Fire and Police Command personnel and subject matter experts to deliver training and projects all over the Southeast.

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News and Events-Steve's Chirps from The Tree

Here is my game plan for the immediate future. Keep living, keep working, keep writing, and keep updating my websites. In between a lot of cruises and watching the grand kids grow. On the percentage for each of these endeavors I have great flexibility.

My wife, on the other hand, ranks my list this way-keep living, keep cruising and keep watching the grand kids grow. If you have time for anything else do what you want to do. As you can see there seems to be an alignment issue here that I will have to negotiate. I'll let you know how things are going as I update this new website in the future.

Our latest endeavor is the creation of narrated custom-designed Power Points for in-house use by clients for their own supervisory training.

Books-The last few years has been a busy time for me in publishing over a dozen business Kindle e-books. In 2020 I will also be publishing some science fiction books and creating some softcover editions of the business books. That is long overdue. I am also writing a new bargaining strategies book for FPELRA since the last one is almost twenty years old. I am truly behind schedule in the book creating and website updating business. As the expression goes, it always costs more and takes longer than was expected. Hopefully this year will see that trend turn around. The websites are a necessary evil, but I would rather be creating new materials than letting people know about old ones.

You can also follow me on my author's website sprosenthal.com   All my books, promotions, and future projects should be listed there.That will be the next website I'll be updating.

My author’s page on Amazon where you can find all my Kindle books listed in one place is listed below: https://www.amazon.com/author/stevenrosenthal

That is updated since as I create the books they maintain the list.

Here is a current list of business books (Yes there are two additional books on Pipe Smoking that are also mine, but since there are so few pipe smokers out there it is hardly worth mentioning-Oh I did:)


SimplySmart Selling: You Can Sell Anything- Learn It for Life (Consultant in a Box Series)  

Ambassador Customer Service: Moving The Chess Pieces (Consultant in a Box Series) 

You Can Negotiate Anything: Learn It For Life (Consultant in a Box Series) 

Leadervision: Anyone Can Be A Leader 

The Ten Commandments of Supervision 

SimplySmart Management I 

SimplySmart Management II 

SimplySmart Management III 

SimplySmart Management I-III Box Set Omnibus Edition 


The Supervisory Minibook Series 

·       Critical Thinking Is Critical

·       Put a CAP on Conflict

·       Why You Need An Orientation

·       Brainstorming: The Power of the Many

·       Common Sense Team Building


Boxed Sets 


Essential Business Skills Box Set- (Consultant in a Box Series)-Three Titles SimplySmart Selling: You Can Sell Anything- Learn It for Life, Ambassador Customer Service: Moving The Chess Pieces, You Can Negotiate Anything: Learn It for Life

Supervision& Leadership Box Set-Two Titles: Leadervision: Anyone Can Be A Leader and The Ten Commandments of Supervision.

Supervisory Minibook Series Box Set-Five titles –see above listing

I'd be very grateful if you'd post a short review on Amazon, if you read any of my books. Your support really makes a difference, and I read all the reviews, personally, so I can get your feedback and make future books even better.


Check my author's website for the latest promotions (free and reduced priced books) and news concerning new books and future projects. I also send this out in my newsletter. If you read one of my books I'd be very grateful if you'd post a short review on Amazon. Your support really makes a difference, and I read all the reviews, personally, so I can get your feedback and make and future books even better.


The following is a list of the most common three hour seminars requested.  The desired format is a classroom environment for up to thirty participants. Every client custom designs what they want included in their seminar. The titles will give you an idea of what general topic is covered. Some clients cover multiple topics in one seminar. For most topics there is a three hour and Super Session format.  The "Super Sessions" are shorter theater format presentations for large groups. These sessions are 1.5 to 2 hours with a maximum of three a day typically with two offered in the morning and one in the afternoon. (The complete Super Session lineup is available in narrated Power Point format for online training)

Basic Supervision

  1. Role of the Supervisor: What is Actually Expected
  2. Beyond Who Moved My Cheese: Helping Others Adapt To Change
  3. Conflict Resolution and Management
  4. Supervisory Excellence
  5. Understanding Ourselves As Supervisors: I Am Who They See!
  6. Communication Techniques: It Doesn’t Happen Automatically!
  7. Performance Evaluation: It’s More Than A Form
  8. Discipline & Documentation: How to Do It!
  9. Getting Things Done: Gaining Closure
  10. Hiring The Best
  11. Questioning Techniques-Hiring and Beyond
  12. Citizen/Employee Contact: It’s More Than Being Nice
  13. Performance Manager & Partner
  14. Coaching For Success: A Role Revisited
  15. Counseling For Results: Getting People To Do What They Need To Do!
  16. Ambassadorship: Everybody’s Role is Customer Service!
  17. Managing Conflict Within The Workforce
  18. Creating A Harassment-Free Environment
  19. Celebrating Our Differences
  20. Respect in the Workplace

Super Sessions-Large Group Formats-1.5-2 hours

“Super Sessions”-Customer Service, Respect in the Workplace (Harassment Free Environment,  Diversity), Beyond Who Moved My Cheese, Supervisory Awareness,  Doing Workplace Investigations, Thinking Like A Boss-Do You Have The Mindset To Be The Supervisor /Manager?

Complete Supervisory Series-All Super Sessions 1-Supervisory Excellence, 2-The Four Steps of Leadership, 3-Doing Workplace Investigations and Fact Finding, 4-Customer Service: Making The Transition From Regulator To Enabler,  5-Ethical Decision-Making: The Public Trust, 6-Problem Solving: Navigating Around The Decision Traps, 7- Performance Evaluation: It’s More Than A Form, 8-Discipline & Documentation: How To Do It!, 9- Getting Things Done: Gaining Closure, 10-Managing Meetings

Advanced Supervision

  1. Action Plans: Achieving Accountability
  2. Acknowledging & Praising Employees
  3. Customer Service: Making The Transition From Regulator To Enabler
  4. Dealing With The Difficult In All Of Us!
  5. Ethical Decision-Making: The Public Trust
  6. Generating Ideas: Unleash Creativity and Empower Your People!
  7. Me and We: Status Myths For Supervisors
  8. Positive Mental Attitude
  9. Problem Solving: Navigating Around The Decision Traps
  10. Emotional Quotient/I.Q-Personal Growth

Management Offerings

  1. Taming The Time Wasters
  2. Time Management: If We Only Had More Time!
  3. The Four Steps of Leadership
  4. Building A Customer Driven Organization
  5. Beyond Who Moved My Cheese: Helping Others Adapt To Change
  6. Why Government is Changing?-The New Reality
  7. Raising The Bar: Moving To New Heights of Productivity
  8. Self-Directed Teams: At Least I Think I Want That!
  9. Performance Management: A New Discipline For The New Century
  10. Leadership and Motivation: Merging Leading With Inspiring
  11. Constructive Action Team: Putting The CAT To Work For You
  12. Managing Meetings: Why Some Work and Others Don’t
  13. Change Management: Helping Others Adapt To Change
  14. Building An Effective Municipal or County Management Team
  15. Emotional Quotient/E. I.-Personal Growth

General Employees

  1. “Super Sessions”-Respect in the Workplace, Customer Service, Harassment Free Environment, Diversity, Beyond Who Moved My Cheese, Supervisory Awareness    
  2. Is Supervision For Me?
  3. Communication Techniques: It Doesn’t Happen Automatically
  4. Ambassadorship: Everybody’s Role Is Customer Service
  5. Beyond Who Moved My Cheese: Helping Others Adapt To Change
  6. Knowing Who We Are!-Personality Profiling
  7. Creating A Harassment-Free Environment
  8. Celebrating Our Differences
  9. Diversity: Differences Are US!
  10. Generations and Personality: The Other Differences
  11. Positive Mental Attitude-PMA
  12. Problem Solving: Navigating Around The Decision Traps
  13. Time Management: If We Only Had More Time!
  14. Ethical Decision-Making: The Public Trust

Special Interest Offerings


Supervision Series-Custom Designed-Specific for Police

Supervision Series-Custom Designed-Specific for Fire

Ambassadorship Customer  Service-Building,
Permitting, Code Enforcement



We started 24 years ago as a full service HR consulting firm. Today I steer clear of healthcare and compensation analysis. The people that solely do that every day are indeed better qualified to consult with clients. I do dozens of Customer Service and Respect in the Workplace seminars every year.  Along with my Supervisory Seminars that makes up about 70% of my business. As more of my client base has expanded their HR departments my consulting has been more involved with Negotiations and Employee Interventions. The list below will give you an idea of what special projects I do.  If you have needs for your public sector organization that you are trying to meet and require some assistance give me a call.

Human Resources

  • Employee Recruitment & Selection
  • Performance Management
  • Job Classifications
  • Job Descriptions
  • Productivity Improvement
  • Continuous Quality Improvement
  • Policy Analysis & Review
  • Evaluation System Design

Labor Relations

  • Collective Bargaining Training
  • Negotiations-Public Sector (Under Florida Chapter 447)

Organizational Development

  • Team Building
  • Learning Organization
  • Strategic Planning


  • Supervisory & Management Skills
  • Employee Development
  • Leadership Development
  • Conflict Abatement Process-"CAP" System
  • Personality Charting
  • Customer Service
  • Train The Trainer™
  • Executive Management Briefings

Employee Development

  • Employee Interventions
  • Individual Employee Mentoring

Materials Development

  • Policies, Rules and Regulations, Evaluation, Performance Management, and Recognition programs

Conference & Keynote Speaking

  • Human Resource Issues
  • Labor Relations Trends
  • Leadership, Custom Service, Change, Serving The Public Trust

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