Developing Your Most Important Resource: Your Human Resource
    Steven Rosenthal
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The Training Tree, Inc.

About Us

Steve Rosenthal- President

Steve has been a Human Resources Director in both private and public organizations since the 1980's.  He has been a contract negotiator for almost thirty years representing both unions and management in his career.  A former teacher and accomplished trainer he is the author of numerous articles, books, and publications on labor relations and human resources topics. Steve is a frequent speaker at national and state conferences and is known for his fast paced and humorous presentations.  He is always a crowd pleaser and can make people feel comfortable with any topic.  His stories and examples, from his vast experience, bring life to his presentations.  He is one of the founders of the Pinellas Training Consortium and has served as President of both the Florida Public Employer Labor Relations Association (FPELRA) and the Florida Public Human Resources Association (FPHRA).  Both organizations have recognized his service to his profession and their organizations by bestowing the award of Lifetime Membership.  Steve still does certification training for both organizations every year.  Because of his diverse experience Steve also does specialized training for Fire, Police, Sheriffs, and Code Enforcement personnel on a variety of topics. 

A primary mover for training and professional development Steve has presented seminars on personnel, human resources, employee relations and collective bargaining for dozens of state and national organizations.  Steve is not the casual presenter.  He has literally trained thousands of professionals and public officials.  His entertaining style and humor make Steve's presentations an occurrence that few will miss. His seminars are always interesting and his stories are entertaining.  His approach is one of "entertrainment"!  If you have attended one of Steve's training classes you will not easily forget him. Even though Steve left the public sector in 1993 to continue as a Human Resources Director at the corporate level he kept his involvement with the many organizations he was involved with through seminars and publications.   Advice, mentoring or whatever you wish to call it Steve has for years conferred with labor relations and personnel professionals.  In 1995 Steve returned to doing what he enjoys the best-training and sharing information.  He formed The Training Tree, Inc. dedicated to providing affordable HR consulting and training to public sector clients. 

In the area of Human Resources Steve has received awards for excellence in both personnel and labor relations. He has written numerous articles and books in both of these fields. In his consulting capacity Steve re-enters the workforce periodically to take over day to day operations of a Human Resources department, on a contract basis, so he can stay current.

Supporting Cast

From time to time there are projects, and even training, that require more than one presenter or consultant. Steve has a team of professionals that are consultants in specific areas to call on for these specific projects. He literally has worked with dozens of attorneys, former Fire and Police Command personnel and subject matter experts to deliver training and projects all over the Southeast.